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Cheat codes

On the Level Select screen type UNLOCKCHEATMODE and then:

BIGHEAD - Big head mode
KILLTHEMALL - Kill all enemies
MISSIONDONE - Complete current mission
OPENALLDOOR - Open all doors
ALLAMMO - All weapons
PLAYERCOORDS - Display co-ordinates

Enter iamcheater, iamacheater, or iwillcheat at any of the opening screens. Then enter any of the cheat codes below in the actual game. A noise will confirm correct code entry.

quickload - Load Saved Game
nohits - God mode
cantdie - God mode
goodhealth - Full health
openalldoor - Open all doors
allitems - All items available
allloot - All items available
killthemall - Kill all enemies
showtheend - Show end movie
gamedone - Complete current mission
gamefail - Fail current mission
resurrect - Bring back team to life
funnyhead - Big head mode
enemyf - View enemy
enemyb - Enemy view from behind
debugdrawvolumes - Wire mode
debugdrawwire - Wire mode
playercoords - Your current position
laracroft - Alternate uniforms

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