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To enter cheat mode, type DARKGOAT while in the Player History screen. Type the following codes while still in the Player History screen:

Cheat Code Result
LEFT-SHIFT + BACKSPACE - Add selected mission to player history
LEFT-SHIFT + = - Toggle outcome of selected mission
LEFT-SHIFT + 0 - Note - that's a zero. All missions become accessible

Type these codes during the game:
LEFT-SHIFT + 8 - Jump to target vicinity
LEFT-SHIFT + 9 - Match target's velocity
LEFT-SHIFT + 0 - Note - that's a zero. Explode targeted ship
LEFT-SHIFT + I - Invincibility
LEFT-SHIFT + W - Instant mission win
LEFT-SHIFT + P - Send a PCX image file (screenshot) to PSGRESOURCEARTSCREENS directory
LEFT-SHIFT + M - send a continuous stream of PCXs to Directory

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