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Cheat codes

Infinite Money
First enable cheat mode by holding ctrl and typing GABBI. Play the game up to Estoni (the gas-station/ junk yard) and get a gun that uses expensive ammunition. Click on the character with the gun with expensive ammunition and take out the ammunition. Now push alt + R to reload it. Take out the ammo and reload it using alt + R. Keep doing this. Then when you get full of ammo, sell it to Jake and get money. Repeat until you get as much money as you need.

Enable Cheats
To use the following codes hold [Ctrl] and type iguana to enable the cheat mode. Alternatively for version 1.06+ hold [Ctrl] and type in GABBI.

[Alt] + E - Display units and objects
[Alt] + T - Teleport selected Merc to pointer location
[Alt] + O - Kill all enemies in current sector
[Alt] + D - Refresh action points of the select Merc
[Alt] + R - Ammo refill
[Alt] + W - Item scrolling(select item in detail view)
[Alt] + B - Spawn enemy at pointer location
[Alt] + C - Spawn Civilist at pointer location
[Alt] + G - Spawn new Merc at pointer location
[Alt] + Y - Spawn Roboter at pointer location
[Ctrl] + O - Spawn enemy bug at pointer location
[Alt] + [Keypad 2] - Merc transforms into bug
[Alt] + [Keypad 5] - Merc transformed into big bug
[Alt] + [Keypad 4] - Merc placed in wheelchair
[Alt] + I - Spawn random weapon at pointer location
[Alt] + K - Explode a gas grenade at pointer location
[Ctrl] + K - Explode a hand grenade at pointer location
[Alt] + Q - View interior of all buildings
[Ctrl] + T - All Mercs in current sector arrested by Bad Queen
[Ctrl] + H - Merc at pointer location loses health points
[Ctrl] + U - Merc at pointer location gains health points
[Ctrl] + F - Display frame rate
[Alt] + [Keypad 1] - Merc Changes to Tank
[Ctrl] + T - Teleport troops to Selected sector (use at map screen)
[Plus] - Add $100,000 (use at laptop screen)
[Minus] - Subtract $10,000 (use at laptop screen)
Hold [Alt] and click Go to Sector icon - Kill all enemies (use at map screen)

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