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Cheat codes

Various Cheats
During play press the tilde key to get the console, then type in one of the following codes:

GimmeGimmeGimme - Get all weapons
Invuln - Invincibility
NoClip - No clipping mode
Spectator - Flying mode
NoTarget - Monsters ignore you
NextArmor - More armour and health
PrevArmor - Less armour and health
NextMonster - Next monster
PrevMonster - Previous monster
CyclePlayerClass - Four Player classes toggle
RestartLevel - Start level over
Debug 1 - ?????????????
Debug 2 - ?????????????
CameraLock - Lock camera

Get any inventory item, weapon or full health
Start a game (new or saved) and press the tilde key to enable the console. Type GIVE (it doesn't have to in caps) and press enter. Now a menu will pop up showing you all the items, weapons or ammunition you can get.

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