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Cheat codes

Please note a user has reported problems entering these cheats on the North American version of the game. His version doesn't permit numbers to be used in driver names which means these cheats may just work for the European release of the game.

Various Cheats
Put in the following cheats for the driver's name:

ALLTHECARSNOW - Get all cars (in arcade mode)
ALLTRACKSPLEASE - All tracks (arcade mode)
LEMANSOFFERS - Use any GT1, GT2, etc in Le Mans Mode
ENDOFFERS - All championship cars
MAKEITPEASY - Race over one lap in Le Mans Mode, other cars handicapped
TOYOTA1999 - Use Toyota team
1999AUDI - Get Audi Concept Car
19BMW99 - Get BMW Concept Car
DEBORALM - Get Debora racing team
DEBORACING - Use Debora racing team in Le Mans Mode
1999CHEATCARS GT1 and GT2 - GT1 and GT2 cars

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