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Cheat codes

Go to the pause menu screen. Enter the below cheats except the ones marked + which you need to enter at the Title Menu. Remember to set the control type to Keyboard in Control Options first. These cheats require the v1.1 patch to be first installed if you are using the USA version of the game.

Autoface, Down, TK Aim, Right, TK Aim, Up, Lift Attack, Autoface, Down Disable Textures
Autoface, Down, Autoface, Up, Feed, Autoface, Down, Lift Attack Enable Wireframe Mode
Up, Down, Right, Down, Feed, TK Aim, Down, Lift Attack, Autoface Enable Invincibility
Down, Down, Up, Left, Feed, TK Aim, Down, Lift Attack, Telekinesis Infinite Reaver Gauge
Right, Down, Up, Down, Down, Feed, Lift Attack, Telekinesis, Down Makes all Special Attacks usable instantly
Left, Left, Up, Up, Autoface, TK Aim, Telekinesis, Down, Lift Attack Raises Health Gauge & TK Meter to full
Up, Down, Left, Right, TK Aim, Lift Attack, Down, Telekinesis Kain's Soul Reaver replaced with Penny Arcade's famous tube
Left, Right, Left, Right, Feed, Autoface, Telekinesis, Lift Attack, Down Replenish Health Gauge, TK Meter & Reaver Gauge
Down, Telekinesis, Up, Left, Right, Right, Lift Attack, Down, Right, Right Unlock every Bonus Material piece +
Feed, Down, TK Aim, Autoface, Right, TK Aim, Lift Attack, Down, Autoface Unlocks the complete Dark Chronicle +
Up, Down, Up, Down, Feed, TK Aim, Down, Telekinesis, Lift Attack Willow's 'Vehiculum Furtus Maximo' Kain / Toon Raziel

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