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Duplicate Cheat: (I have only tried it on blue version)
Put item that you want to be duplicated in the sixth place down of your item list. Go to Viridian City and talk to the Coffee addict. Say no you're not in a hurry and he will show you how to catch a Pokemon. Without talking to any one fly to Fuschia City. Go straight down until you reach the water. Swim to Seafoam Islands preferrably staying on the left side of screen to avoid trainer battles. Once to Seafoam do not go on the shore! Go to the line that is in between water and shore and swim up and down it until you are attacked. You will be attacked by the unknown #, a Level 0 ----- 'm ------ (if you go on shore first it will be level 80)! Kill it and the item in the 6th spot down will now have 119 of it. Along this same spot you can catch good Pokimon such as a level 167 Squirtle or a level 148 Snorlax.

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