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In order to get to rainbow cloud to photograph Mew you must take a picture of six Pokémon signs after you get Oak's permission (just open the new passage on valley). As you pass a rock formation on the beach look behind you and from the rear angle of your cart you will see a Kingler, photograph it. When you go through the first set of doors not the cave mouth, lure the Pikachu close to the egg with apples and then play your Pokflute, Pikachu will relese zapados and he will power the generator. On the way out look on the walls for a shadow that looks like a Pinsir and snap a pic. Throw a few pesterballs into the crater to your left and wait till the smoke that comes out looks like a Weezing and snap a picture of it. On the river when you reach the huge flower on the ground its really a vileplume use your pokeflute to make it stom polluting and take a picture of the tree behind it. A little while into the cave you will see a bunch of shiny rocks on the wall to the left snap a pic. And now to the valley :-right whare you start look at the mountain in front of you and it will be a Dugtrio and the rainbow cloud will now be accessible.

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