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Cheat codes

Start the game at the DOS prompt, using the command: PRINCE MEGAHIT after first going to the C:\PRINCE directory. Adding a number after a space to the end of this command will mean you will start at that level. Once the game is started the following cheats should be active:-

K - Kills all enemies currently on screen
R - Resurrects you to place where you last died
+ - Increases time left
- - Decreases time left
[Shift]+L - Warps to next level
[Shift]+T - Extra life
[Shift]+S - Heals a lost life
[Shift]+W - Float down long drops (instead of dying horribly)
[Shift]+N - Look at screen below current screen
[Shift]+U - Look at screen above current screen
[Shift]+H - Look at screen to the left of current screen
[Shift]+J - Look at screen to the right of current screen
[Shift]+B - Blocks out any non-animated objects
[Shift]+I - Inverts screen

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