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Cheat codes

Note: Some of these can only be used once per game. Press &tilde during gameplay to access the console, then enter one of the following:

bestbuy - 10 percent cheaper units in campaign mode
gamestop - 10 percent cheaper units in campaign mode
oliphaunt - 40 percent larger elephants in campaign mode
capture_settlement <city name> - Capture given city
date <year> - Change date
season <summer/winter> - Change season
create_unit <settlement/character> <unit ID> <amount> <exp/armor/weapon> - Create unit with given stats
jericho - Falling walls in siege in battle map mode
force_diplomacy <accept/decline/off> - Force opponent to accept diplomatic proposal
add_money 20000 - Get $20,000
give_trait_points <character> <trait> <number> - Get points for given character's trait
give_trait <character> <trait> <number> - Given character gets given trait at indicated level
add_population <city name> <#> - Increase population in given city by given amount
auto_win <attacker/defender> - Indicated side automatically wins
process_cq <city name> - Instantly complete all construction in queue
process_rc <city name> - Instantly complete all military units in recruitment queue
invulnerable_general <character> - Invincible general
kill_character <character> - Kill given character
list_traits - Lists all traits
move_character <name> <x,y> - Move given character to indicated coordinates
toggle_fow - Toggle fog of war

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