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Cheat codes

All Buildings
To build every single building in the game (Landmarks, Special Buildings, Residential, Commerical and Industrial buildings), do the following:

Open the Power Plants window, then close it by clicking on the X in the corner. Next, open the Awards window, then close it by clicking on the X in the corner. Finally, open the Garbage Disposal window, then close it by clicking on the X in the corner. To build the buildings, open the Landmarks window. Every building in the game will now be there. Use with the i am weak code to build everything for free. If you open the Power Plants, Awards, or Garbage Disposal windows after doing this cheat, you'll have to start over.

Cheat Codes
During the game, hit Alt + Ctrl + Shift + C to bring up the Cheat Entry box. Now enter one of the following and hit Enter:

call cousin vinnie - after typing this, chose the Meet option and look for Local Fundraising Event. Chose it to meet Vinnie. If you say yes, you get '100,000. Say no, and he'll let you use the next cheat.
zyxwvu - gives you the SimCity Castle (must meet with Vinnie first).
i am weak -you can place any structure, zone, or landscape for free. Demolition is not, though.
power to the masses - all power plants available.
garbage in, garbage out - all garbage structures (comma is part of the cheat)
water in the desert - all water structures.
pay tribute to your king - all Reward buildings (except for the ones already in your city)
let's make a deal -gives you all Business deals already not accepted
i love red tape - all Ordinances
nerdz rool - makes all Dirty Industrial tiles turn into Clean Industry tiles (must be entered each time you play). Changes will not take place unless Dirty Industry buildings are demolished.
ufo swarm - after entering this, choose Start UFO Attack on the Disaster menu for a UFO armada.
1234; advisor; bat; broccoli; easter egg; electronic arts; erts; FUND; fund; hello; HELP; help; llama; MAXIS; maxis; mayor; money; moremoney; porntipsguzzardo; sc3k; sim; SIM; simcity; skurk; ticker; will wright - enter one of these for a comment from the News Ticker

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