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Cheat codes

Unlock everything - LEANEST
God mode - ADMNTIUM
Infinite webbing - GLANDS
Full health - WEAKNESS
What If? mode - UATUSEES
Character viewer - RGSGLLRY
View FMV sequences - CINEMA
All comic books - FANBOY
Level select - MME WEB
All comic book covers - KIRBYFAN
Storyboard Viewer - ROBRTSON
Cartoon Spider-Man - FUNKYTWN
Stickman Spider-Man - STICKMAN
J. James Jewett - RULUR
Pulsating head - EGOTRIP
Quick Change Spidey costume - SM LVIII
Ben Reilly costume - CLUBNOIR
Peter Parker costume - MRWATSON
Amazing Bag Man costume - KICK ME
Scarlet Spider costume - XILRTRNS
Spidey Unlimited costume - SYNOPTIC
Captain Universe costume - TRISNTNL
Spidey 2099 costume - MIGUELOH
Symbiote Spidey costume - SECRTWAR

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