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Cheat codes

Disable Flight and No Clipping Modes
In order to disable these modes, press the ''tab'' button and type in ''walk''

Disable Infinite Health
While Infinite Health is activated, press TAB and type in Invincible 0

Extra Health
Hit tab and type HEALTH.

Float Ability
Hit tab and enter FLY

Freeze Enemies
In order to stop your enemies in their tracks, press the TAB button and type in playersonly

Get Rid of Enemies
In order to get rid of your enemies, press the TAB button and type in killpawns

Infinite Health
To enable infinite health, press TAB and enter Invincible 1

Instantly Win a Level
Type in the console (press F2 to activate it) mission win to automatically win the current mission.

Hit tab and type INVISIBLE 1

More Ammo
Hit tab and type AMMO

New Code Button
In v1.1 of Splinter Cell, to activate the console you must press F2 instead of TAB

No Clipping Mode
In order to activate this cheat press the TAB button and type in ghost

Stealth Stats
To see how loud you are, how visible you are, and some other stats hit tab to open a text bar and type in stealth

Turn off Invisibility
Hit TAB and type INVISIBLE 0

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