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Cheat codes

During gameplay, press enter followed by one of these codes.

forcebuild - Build Quicker
SUDDENLY SILENCED - Buildings and Units do more damage
scaryneighbor - Regular Boat
darksidex - Destroy an opponent - x stands for the number of the opponent
tarkin - Destroys all enemies
The fighters are coming in too fast - Quicker Aircraft
forceexplore - Complete map
forcecarbon - 1,000 Carbon
forcefood - 1,000 Food
forcenova - 1,000 Nova
forceore - 1,000 Ore
simonsays - Killer Ewok
Tantive IV - Corellian Corvette
That's No Moon - Death Star
Imperial Entanglements - Imperial Star Destroyer
The Force Is Strong With This One - Sharper Jedi turning
forcesight - Fog of war removed
Galactic Upheaval - Decimator
Intensify the forward fire power - Stronger ground units
Most Poweful Jedi - Stronger Jedi
skywalker - Win Mission

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