Starcraft Expansion Set: Brood War PC cheats

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Cheat codes

Press enter, followed by a code and then enter again:

something for nothing - every unit will have its attack and defense upgraded by one - this can be used again up to three times
show me the money - 10,000 minerals and 10,000 gas - can be used multiple times
breathe deep - 500 gas
whats mine is mine - 500 minerals
staying alive - Scenario never ends
Medieval Man - All research abilities
modify the phase variance - Build any building
operation cwal - Fast build for all players
Power Overwhelming - God mode - All your units and buildings are now invincible. The Protoss units/buildings will still lose their shields, but their HP won't drop
black sheep wall - See entire map
there is no cow level - Win current scenario
the gathering - Unlimited special energy on units

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