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Strategy Guide

Firstly don't go up against opponents who are much better than you - you will lose and then die. Secondly spend as much as you can on armour and offensive weaponry in the shop as your opponents will get better after each fight. Sleeping helps recover your health, part of the fights however are just luck. Try experimenting with the different moves. Sometimes a definite small amount of damage inflicted on your opponent is better than a more high risk move that has a lower chance of success. Make sure when shopping you spread your money around and don't have weak spots in armour that could be exploited by your opponent. Learn from your mistakes and if one strategy isn't working - change it mid-fight.

Explanation of statistics:-

Strength - Strength determines how much damage your character dishes out and also the height and weight of your character. Stronger characters can push weaker characters further.
Agility - Represents your character's speed. Faster characters can move into and out of combat more easily and perform spectacular acrobatic leaps.
Attack - Your attack score is your overall offensive weapon skill. Gladiators with high attack scores tend to hit their enemies more often, finding gaps in armour with masterful precision.
Defence - Defence is a vital part of protecting yourself in combat. A high defensive score means you'll get hit less.
Vitality - Your vitality represents your overall health. For every vitality point you add, you'll receive 7 hitpoints. Each time you level up, you'll also receive 7 hitpoints. Gladiators with high vitality take a lot longer to kill.
Charisma - Charisma reflects your overall charm and likeability. Characters with high charisma please the crowd, winning you more gold for winning fights. Shopkeepers will lower their prices by two percent for every charisma point you have.
Stamina - Every leap, every parry or hack you perform in the arena takes some of your energy. More powerful attacks and leaps really sap your energy. The higher your stamina, the faster you will recover both energy and your health. If your energy runs low, your character will miss a turn and fall asleep.

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