The Hulk PC cheats

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Cheat codes

Enter these codes in Options/Code Input:

GMMSKIN INVULNERABILTY - Hulk and Banner are invulnerable to all damage
FLSHWND REGENERATOR - Hulk regenerates at twice the speed
ANGMNGT FULL RAGE METER - Rage meter is full and never depletes
GRNCHTR UNLIMITED CONTINUES - Number of continues never depletes
HLTHDSE DOUBLE HULK'S HP - Hulk's health is doubled
BRNGITN DOUBLE ALL ENEMIES HP - Enemies' health are doubled
MMMYHLP HALF ALL ENEMIES HP - Enemies' health are halved
FSTOFRY WICKED PUNCH - Instant kill with any of Hulk's attack
BRCESTN PUZZLE SOLVED - Puzzles are immediately solved when encountered
NMBTHIH RESET HIGH SCORE - Reset high score (Reset all high scores to default

Once entered they can be activated in Options/Special Features/Cheats.

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