TOCA: Touring Car Championship PC cheats

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Cheat codes

Enter the following codes on the enter name screen:

CMCHUN - Toggles go kart mode.
CMGARAGE - Grants bonus car
CMMICRO - Toggles Micro Machines mode
JHAMMO - Enables all tracks
PATSCREEM - Enables TOCA showdown mirrored championship
CMLOCK - Disable tracks
TANK - Beep horn and shoot other cars
FLEXMOBILE - Rear wheel drive (better traction)
CMCOPTER - Helicopter view (one player mode only)
CMSTARS - Starlight background
CMNOHITS - Disabale collisions
CMFOLLOW - Film camera view (one player only - camera changes in demonstration mode)
CMLOGRAV - Low gravity
CMTOON - Toon background
CMRAINUP - Reverse rain
CMCATDOG - Rains frogs
CMMAYHEM - Agressive opponents
CMDISCO - Disco fog (3DFX only)
CMHANDY - Larger hands for in car view
CMIMPOSS - Expert mode

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