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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I go to upgrade my ship to the higher levels?
A: Go to Genoa for level 2 and Algiers for levels 3 and 4.

Q: What are the different types of storms? What's best to do in a storm?
A: There are three - Wild Storm, Perfect Storm and Ultimate storm. If you don't know what storm you're in, look at your compass. Sail out as soon as possible. Look to the top left of your interface and hope that the button to get back to high seas pops up soon. Click it to escape.

Q: Where do I find the person to authenticate?
A: Authenticating is to make the item discovery official. In Athens, it is Pascal at the east corner of the map who appears around morning/noon. In other ports the person can probably be found in the taverns.

Q: What are the glittering things I see in the sea?
A: They are exploration points. Go to your command tab, click explore and enter the number of sailors. After you've explored a while you'll discover something.

Q: What is the telescope used for? I equipped it and nothing happened?
A: The telescope is used for exploring. The higher telescope level you equip, the higher the level discoveries will be from the shining spots. The level 1 telescope will allow you to reveal level 2 discoveries!

Q: Ship Maneuverability is very hard to level, how do I level it faster?
A: There are two ways, one is to complete many quests/tasks from the Ares Warrior Alliance and Adventure Alliance. They add bonuses to your ship from time to time when completing their quests. Take your ship to high seas, and just stand there. Bear in mind when provisions reach zero you don't accumulate any more exp. Sailing in storms is the fastest, you might want to try it in low-level storms. Remember to pack lots of medic kits.

Q: I have Explorer/Adventure Quest, and I'm told to find a _______ in [Location] at [Coordinates]. I've reached the exact coordinates, but I can't find it.
A: By now you have seen weird white flashes near the spot you're supposed to find something. Instead of going to the exact spot, never do that, go the the flashy thing as mentioned above, sail right at the middle and start exploring. Take note, there is a small radius of search at the coordinates, so you might have to sail around a bit. **Hint: One of the spots near Athens high seas is over the land in the North West. So sail around and look there.

Q: I'm a seasoned explorer/adventurer, but I can't find the blinking spot!
A: You first need to equip a telescope. For every level of telescope you equip, you get a +1 to the level of discovery you can find. So without a telescope, only level 1 discoveries are visible. With it, you can find up to level 2. As you get a higher level with your ship maneuverability, you can equip higher level telescope/looking glass/pilot.

Q: Where do I find Hyenas for the Ares Warriors Alliance quest?
A: Hyenas are the same as Wild Wolf. If you want to find out where to find them, search the guide with the search function and you'll be told the ports which have it. It's a bad translation by the game. They really should do a uniformity check.

Q: Why does the compass point South?
A: The Chinese were the first to discover the compass. When they discovered it, they decided to call it the "South Pointer" and this compass is used in very wide areas.

Q: I can't repair my ship at the shipyard!
A: First, check your ship is really damaged. Second, have you clicked on the repair button? Third when the cursor changes into repair mode, you click on the ship in the Ship Screen (Ctrl-Z) (bear in mind this does not include the sails and hull).

Q: Why can't I upgrade my sub skills above level 3?
A: There is a limit at level 3 sub skills for cities such as Athens, Alexandria, Beirut, Istanbul and Tripoli. Just go to the skill master at higher level cities e.g. Algiers, Lisbon to raise your sub skills above level 3.

Q: Do your coloured sails disappear when you upgrade?
A: Yes, they do.

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