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level 80
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Cheat codes

Start the game in this way:- ''warzone.exe -ImACheatingScallyWag''. Then enter one of these codes during the game:

CTRL + M - Next Mission
CTRL + N - Power Increase
CTRL + G - Whole Map Revealed on RADAR
CTRL + X - Research Happens Instantly

During the game press T then enter one of these codes:

work harder - All active research is finished
hallo mein schatz - Current mission completed
double up - Strength is doubled
easy - Easy mode
show me the power - Extra 1,000 power
hard - Hard mode
biffer baker - Your units become invincible
whale fin - Never ending power
get off my land - All enemy units vanquished
killselected - Units selected die
normal - Normal mode
skakey - Screen wobbles when units are destroyed
timedemo - Frame rate is shown
how fast - Game speed shown
version - Shows when you activate a cheat
time toggle - Timer stopped
sparkle green - Tougher units
john kettley - Toggle weather

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