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level 80
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Cheat codes

Various Cheats
Press the tilde key to get the game console then put in one of the following codes:

xfly - Flight (also reported as just fly)
xgod - Invincibility (also reported as just god)
xghost - No clipping mode (also reported as just ghost)
killpawns - All enemies killed
setspeed (number) - Set speed to (number) - 2 is normal mode
setjumpz (number) - Set jump height to (number) - 500 is normal
xwalk - fly mode and clipping off (also reported as just walk)
summon - ????
allammo - ????
open map00 - Replace 00 with a number between 00 and 40 to open that level
icandoit - Win level
upgrademe 1 - Get level upgrades. You can replace one with 2-4.

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