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Cheat codes

Cheat Codes
Open the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

zeus-23 - Auto-cannon
who-dat-who-dat-huh - Avionics package
file demowrite - Begin recording demo
go-me-the-ghillie - Camouflage
betterthantesla - EMD
oneshotonekill - Hive missiles
noheisenberg - Meson cannon
imawuss - Mission complete
iambecomedeath - Nuclear weapon
demoplay - Play demo file
add-mob - Spawn ten new enemies
add-mrcranky - Spawn new enemy
demostop - Stop recording demo file
takethestick - Toggle auto-pilot
imasissycrybaby - Toggle mission as success or failure
cuethecredits - View credits

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