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Cheat codes

Unlimited Money
Just press the $ key! Press it again for more money. Be sure to be prepared to repair fences. This cheat causes fences to crumble and animals may escape as a result.

No pain for unlimited money
Press $ and shift together. Hold them and watch your money go up rapidly. But to make sure there's no pain in getting millions of money make sure you do it at the beginning of the game when you have no enclosures, otherwise the fences will break and your animals will escape. Then you'll have to buy new animals and new fences which will drain away your new money.

Various Cheats
Ctrl + f will turn off the drawing of all foliage on the map. Hitting Ctrl + f again will turn it back on.

Guest Names
John Wheeler - to make all the animal shelters available to you.
Hank Howie - to get all staff education programs.
Mr. Blue - turns everyone's clothes blue.
Mr. Blonde - turns everyone's clothes yellow.
Mr. White - turns everyone's clothes white.
Mr. Brown - turns everyone's clothes brown.
Mr. Orange - turns everyone's clothes orange.
Mr. Pink - turns everyone's clothes pink. These also turn the building's roofs a matching color.

Also, try these names..
Alfred H - Birds begin to appear and people freak out.
Russell C - Fences all fall apart.
Zeta Psi - Some people's shirts turn yellow, and then their faces turn green, and then they puke
Steve Serafino - All endangered Animals
Andrew Binder - All animal houses

Unlock the Triceratops
If you name a brand new exhibit using this cheat, it will crash the game. Name one of your exhibits "Cretaceous Corral". This will unlock the Triceratops.

Unlock the Unicorn
If you name a brand new exhibit using this cheat, it will crash the game. Name one of your exhibits "Xanadu". This will unlock the Unicorn.

Easter Egg: Yellow Brick Road
Place a Lion, a Tiger and a Bear in the same exhibit, and you will unlock the 'Yellow Brick Road' footpath. It's not cheap though, at $100!

Different Animals
Use the following names to rename the animals indicated:

(Hippo) Fat - Two hippos Sumo
(Bear) Deer - Bear gets Free from Exhibit
(Lion) Nan - Get a baby from a male lion
(Unicorn) Larry - Get size of a Dinosaur
(Dinosaur) Unicorn - One Horn
(Dodo) Doflopnok - Unlock the White Dodo
(Panda) Blackly - Unlock and turn in to a Red Panda
(Bongo) Bad - Turn in an Okapi
(Okapi) Tall - Get tall as a Giraffe
(Yeti) Bigfoot - Unlock the Bigfoot
(Yeti) Bentley - Turn in to Spyro's friend, Bentley
(Reindeer) Rulpoln - Red light nose
(Reindeer) Dancer - Dances with a female Reindeer
(Croc) Agent 9 - Always happy
(Monkey) Agent9 - Turn in to Spyro's friend Agent9
(Ape: Chimpanzee or Gorilla) Borneo - Unlock the Orangutan
(Ape) Kangaroo - Unlock the Wallaby
(Gorilla) Mountain - Unlock the Mountain Gorilla
(Tiger) Nope - Unlock the Magnet the Polarbear
(Tiger) Dog - Unlock all Worker Dogs and Great Dane
(Kangaroo) Shelia - Turn in to Spyro's Friend Sheila the Kangaroo
(Penguin) Sgt.Byrd - Turn in to Spyro's frend Sgt.Byrd the flying Penguin
(Sgt. Byrd) Fly - Fly out of Your Exhibit and Your Zoo

More Giant Pandas
In the last scenario, when you have to breed Giant Pandas, normally you can only choose two. If you recive the message that you can adopt the two pandas, just pause the game. Now you can adopt as many Giant Pandas if you want. If you turn the game back on, you can't adopt Giant Pandas anymore, so adopt them all when the game is paused.

How to unlock the Yeti
Name an exhibit number 1, then rename the exhibit kathmandu otherwise the game will crash.

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