F.E.A.R. PC cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

During gameplay press the talk key (the default for this is "T") followed by one of the below codes and [Enter].

god - God Mode
ammo - Full Ammunition
armor - Full Armour
health - Full Health
guns - All Weapons
kfa - All Weapons, Full Ammo, Armour
tears - All Weapons, Unlimited Ammunition
gear - Increase to Health, Reflex Boost
poltergeist - Ghost Mode
maphole - Level Skip
pos - Player Position
gimmegun pistol - Pistol
gimmegun dual pistols - Dual Pistols
gimmegun submachinegun - Sub Machinegun
gimmegun shotgun - Shotgun
gimmegun assault fifle - Assault Rifle
gimmegun semi-auto rifle - Semi-Automatic Rifle
gimmegun nail gun - Nail Gun
gimmegun cannon - Cannon
gimmegun plasma weapon - Plasma Weapon
gimmegun missle launcher - Missile Launcher
gimmegun turret - Turret
gimmegun frag grenade - Frag Grenade
gimmegun proximity - Trip Bomb
gimmegun remote charge - Pipe Bomb

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