Playstation 3 cheats for GTA 4

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Playstation 3 cheats for GTA 4

Playstation 3 cheats for GTA 4

Video games are one of the popular forms of entertainment. Many people have enjoyed them since childhood and would happily spend hours immersed in the fantasy world created by the games.

Our youth’s most popular video games are still being played today, but none has proven as enduring as Grand Theft Auto. It is one of the most popular games of the last decade, which has sold many more copies in the US than any other game since its release. The game holds several records, not just in gaming but in entertainment.

Unlike many online games, where you are limited by your skill set and unable to apply cheat codes, GTA provides this luxury to players with the ability to do whatever they want, thus - in the eyes of some - making the game more enjoyable to play.

Cheat codes can enhance gameplay for many, and there are other gamers that might perhaps wish they were able to benefit from these unethical tactics. For instance, those that wish to be able to make money from casino games might wish they were able to cheat their way and win each time. However, while it is not possible to cheat with the games available, you can find more sites at SNOG that ensure no cheating takes place and complement any gaming session with bonuses and promotions that can enhance the overall session in the same way!

For those still playing the fourth iteration of Grand Theft Auto, it's essential to know all the relevant cheat codes to help gain an advantage over other players. There are cheat codes for the original Grand Theft Auto, ranging from giving yourself infinite ammunition to spawning boats and cars directly next to you.

Here are some of the best cheats, codes, tips, and other secrets for the PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Invisible Helicopter

If you fly a helicopter off the map and keep going, eventually, your radar will start to blink as if cops are chasing you. Then your health will begin to decrease, and you will need to use the health cheat. After that, you will become invisible.

Where It Never Rains

If you get in a helicopter while it is raining and press [R2], you will rise. Once you reach the top of the rain column, your character will stop growing and remain stationary until the rain stops.

The Heart Of New York

You'll need a helicopter to locate New York’s centre. Pilot the helicopter in the direction of the Statue of Liberty’s crown. If you’re fortunate, you might be able to exit the helicopter and enter the crown. Locate a ladder, then descend. Search till you come across the heart.

Great Hiding Spot

You may notice a massive opening on the second floor if you walk to the location of the Angels of Death hideout and stand a little to the right of it. It makes for a perfect hiding place because no police can get there and because the roadway and construction there prevent sniper helicopters from being able to shoot directly at you.

Find Busses In Broker

Suppose you’re in Broker and need a bus, head to Munsee Avenue along the Algonquin-Dukes Freeway. Bus stops are available nearby below the expressway. You can also take Denver-Exeter Avenue in Algonquin, as it has bus stops.


Having the right cheats for the game is vital to getting through GTA 4. Having the correct information can increase your enjoyment. The above article will give you the details of how to get started and what you need to know.

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