Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas PS3 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

When hosting an online game, start the game, hit start; hold L2, and press L3 twice, X, R3 twice, O, L3 twice, square, R3 twice and triangle. Alpha team's/Rainbow's bullets will turn neon blue, Bravo Team's/terrorists' bullets will be neon red.

List of unlockables and the rank (and points) required to obtain them

AK-47, Raging Bull, SV-98 - Master Sergeant - 82,500 pts
Balaclava, Tactical Helmet - Private Second Class - 3,000 pts
Ballistic Face Mask, Riot Helmet, Night Vision Goggles - Colonel - 535,000 pts
Boone Hat, Beret, Tinted Goggles - First Sergeant - 109,500 pts
Custom Camo 1, Custom Camo 2, Custom Camo 3 - Elite - 675,000 pts
Desert Camo, Urban Camo, Russian Camo, Guerilla Camo, Fall Camo, Desert 2 Camo - Corporal - 14,500 pts
Flecktarn Camo, Orange Camo, Swedish Camo, War2K5 Camo, Alpen Camo, White Camo - Sergeant First Class - 56,500 pts
Half Face Mask, Reinforced Helmet, Tactical Goggles - First Lieutenant - 214,000 pts
MG36, SPAS 12, Desert Eagle - Captain - 264,000 pts
MP7A1, Famas, USP40 - Specialist - 8,400 pts
Pink Camo, Blue Camo, Woodland Camo, Wasp Camo, Sand Camo, Crimson Camo - Second Lieutenant - 172,000 pts
Raven Recon Vest, Vulture Combat Vest, Falcon Assault Vest - Sergeant - 23,500 pts
Three Hole Balaclava, Baseball Cap, Breathing Mask - Staff Sergeant - 38,500 pts
Typhoon Recon Vest, Cyclone Combat Vest, Hurricane Assualt Vest - Sergeant Major - 139,000 pts
Viper Recon Vest, Diamondback Combat Vest, Anaconda Assault Vest - Major - 333,000 pts
Yellow Urban Camo, Red Urban Camo, Tiger Camo, Rust Camo, Urban 2 Camo, Grey Camo - Lt. Colonel - 415,000 pts

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