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level 80
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Cheat codes

Unlock Codes Menu - press right or left when highlighting the Memory Card Option

Go to the code menu and enter one of the following codes:-
Unlock all Exhibition Tracks: VOUYEUR
Unlock all Freestyle Tracks: TRIXXY
Unlock all Alien Characters: ASTROMEN
Unlock all Monster Characters: SCREAM
Unlock all Human Characters: RATPACK
Unlock All Cars: SMOKEY
Unlock all Characters: GENEPOOL
Play as Dominique: DOMINIQUE
Play as Lugnut: LUGNUT
Play as TP: TP
Play as Bink: BINK
Play as Geep: GEEP
Play as Nyub: NYUB
Play as Red Car: REDLINE
Play as Blue Car: BLUELINE
Play as Back Car: BLACKLINE
Play as White Car: Go to the code menu and put in WHITELINE

Haunted Mansion Track: Beat Pro Circuit with any character (Haunted Mansion unlocked only in Free Style Mode)

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