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level 80
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Cheat codes

Special launch
To do a special launch, you must have twenty LP or more. Press either Square, Triangle, or Circle instead X at the launch screen. Your Beyblade's attack power will double if done correctly and your Bit-Beast will be shown with your Beyblade when launched.

Keep blade spinning
When you launch a Beyblade, press Circle + Triangle instead of X. Your blade will keep spinning.

Destroy your opponent's Blade
When the Blader's Blade has about fifty or a hundred spin remaining and you have twenty-five LP summon your Bit Beast and it will blow it up. Note: The screen will say "Out Of Ring Blader".

Summon Bit Beast
Increase your LP up to twenty-five by pressing X when you're hitting Beyblade. Then press Triangle and it will be summoned.

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