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level 80
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Cheat codes

Tricky puzzles
1. Dark Eden (Lava wastes)
To cross the lava, which is impassable even in mist form, cast Mind Control on a person on the next island. Somewhere there's a switch which creates a bridge to your own position. Do this three times and you've crossed the lava wastes.

2. Flame Sword (Stone Keep near Vorador's Mansion)
When you reach the rooftops, you find switches bathed in a red or green glow - treading on them removes the light. Tread on all the switches to lower stairs to the Rune Triangle and Blood Vial in the bottom corners of the roof. Now tread on the two switches that were initially green, found in the middle-left and middle-right of the roof. This lowers a set of stairs to the Flame Sword in the bottom-centre of the roof, between the Rune Triangle and Blood Vial.

3. Malek's Bastion
For a short-cut, look for the rill with the purple glow at the beginning. It's a switch which opens a hidden door. The switch combination further in is: up, down, down, up.

4. Maze of Light (Nupraptor's Retreat)
This one's confusing at first, but easy when you know what you're doing. You start in a huge room with a floor pattern resembling a giant brain. To get through the closed North door you must first go through into each one of the rooms served by doors in the corner of the main room. The first three lead to teleports which take you back to the centre of the brain room, but the fourth (south-east) leads to a room with a damaged painting inside, concealing a switch. Use it to open a door to a teleport which puts you in a completely dark room, in a square of light. You're in an invisible maze - walk into a wall and you're hurt and returned to the centre. Don't cast a light spell - this makes the problem insoluble. Instead, walk around the edge of the lit square until a passage lights up. Now walk down this, very gingerly, until it lights a further passage. If this doesn't happen, walk back and forth at the end of each passage - the walls are still invisible, but stay in the light and you're safe. You will eventually make it to a teleport which takes you back to the brain room, with the north door now open. Go and meet the mentalist.

5. Vorador's Mansion
When you reach the balcony-type corridor ending in a gold door, you find you can't open it. Use the Mind Control to possess the woman on the balcony to your left, then use her to move into the room behind her, where there's a switch. Press it to open the gold door.

99 items
To win 99 items from a Spirit Forge, use the Mind Control spell and send the person you possessed into the forge instead of yourself.

Access all moves
On the Dark Diary screen, press: left, right, square, circle, up, down, left, right.

Blood refill
To refill Kain's bllod, press: up, right, square, circle, up, down, left, right.

Extra Magic Energy
To replenish your magic bar, press: right, right, square, circle, up, down, left, right.

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