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Q: I have two pads! How can I get Double Mode?
A: In Arcade Mode, before selecting a song, hit the O button, and select it from the menu that appears. The manual tells you to use the X button, which is wrong. This probably happened because Japanese PS controllers have the O and X button the other way around, so I'm told. To get Double Mode In Training Mode, go to the bar that says 'single' and go right twice to select 'double' there. Note this is nothing at all to do with the 'double mode' option under Options/Button Configuration!

Q: Why do I keep failing the last song in Non-Stop Mode/Arcade Mode?
A: In both modes, the penalty for missing a step gets bigger as you go along. So on the first song, you can make quite a few mistakes, but still do okay (which makes it well-suited for beating your scores in 'music records') - whereas on the last song, a single miss will take the energy bar down by about a quarter! This means it only takes a few misses to wipe you out, and if your mat isn't working 100% accurately, you usually don't stand a chance!

Q: How do I quit out from the middle of a song/from selecting a song/from anywhere?
A: Press Triangle. If that doesn't work, hold Select. If that doesn't work, hold Select and Start together. You have to use the latter if you want to quit mid-way through a song.

Q: How do I fill in the blanks where song names ought to be in Records/Music Records?
A: Get a D or better on that song in Single or Double mode, on at least Standard difficulty.

Q: What does "This is a cool mode!" mean?
A: If you play the Non-Stop or All Songs modes, the excitable voice-over guy tells you "This is a cool mode!". If you play Easy Mode, or Hard Mode, he doesn't. As far as I can tell, these modes are only deemed 'cool' because they recreate modes available on the Arcade version. There doesn't seem to be any other difference - your best score for a song still goes into the 'Best Music' table if you do it in a non-cool mode, for example.

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