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level 80
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Cheat codes

You can DNA digivolve a Greymon/ MetalGreymon/ Megadramon with Airdramon to get a Veemon. DNA Digivolve a Veedramon and a Meagdramon to get a Veemon. Note: You can trade a Numemon for a Megadramon.

When you start a new game, join the Golden Hawks club, you will get an Agumon. Buy a couple of Vaccine-type toys and catch a Biyomon. Biyomon can be found in the first couple domains. At EL 11 Agumon will digivolve to Greymon and Biyomon will digivolve to Airdramon. Then, train both to EL 13. After that DNA digivolve them and they will become a Veemon which can grow to EL 15. Veemon can DNA digivolve as follows:

Airdramon + Greymon --> Veedramon (0-3 DP)
Veedramon + Dark Tyrannomon ---> Flamedramon (4+ DP)
Devidramon + Birdramon
Devimon + Sabredramon
Cyclonemon + Airdramon
Cyclonemon + Flamedramon
Tuskmon + Birdramon
Darkrizamon + Airdramon
Veedramon + Greymon

Capture a Palmon and digivolve it to Togemon (champion) at level 11, Lilymon (ultimate) at level 21, and Rosemon (mega) at level 31.

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