Fade to Black Playstation cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

The Prison - square, circle, triangle, x, circle, square

Morph Base - triangle, circle, x, circle, square, x

Mars Mining Facility - x, circle, x, circle, triangle, x

Venus Space Station - x, square, triangle, circle, circle, triangle

The Pyramid - square, square, triangle, x, x, triangle

Landing Pad - triangle, x, x, x, x, circle

Underground (flying) - circle, circle, triangle, x, triangle, x

Morph Mothership - square, square, x, triangle, square, square

Earth Base: Command Room - triangle, x, x, triangle, circle, triangle

Earth Base: Dormitory - x, triangle, square, circle, triangle, x

Reactor Room - circle, square, x, x, square, x

The Master Brain - square, triangle, x, square, circle, x

The Escape (flying) - x, x, circle, triangle, circle, triangle

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