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level 80
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How to get Cloud to join your party...

1. Go to the bar in Zeltennia Castle located in the Northeast part of the map. Listen to the rumor of the Cursed Island, Nelves the Cursed Island, Nelveska. When you get back to the World Map, you should see a path extend to the island to the north.

2. Go to Trade City Zarghidos and buy a flower from the girl (Aeris).

3. Go to Goug Machine City with Mustadio in your party. He and Basrodio should discover a ball-shaped machine.

4. Go to the bar in Goland Coal City and listen to the Ghost of Colliery rumor. There should be a reward posted.

5. Go to Lesalia Imperial Capital. When you talk with Beowulf, choose the second answer and he should join your party along with his Holy Dragon.

6. Go to Goland Coal City, which should now be an orange dot, and there will be three battles you'll have to face in the underground floors of Colliery. Now, when the fourth battle begins, you will need to protect the Holy Dragon. At the end of the battle, Band will join your party and you should receive the Zodiac Stone from Beowulf.

7. Go back to Goug. When you enter the town, Basrodio and Mustadio ll turn into a robot and join your party.

8. Go to the Nelveska Temple. You'll fight a robot and you'll get another Zodiac Stone and The Holy Dragon should transform into the Dragoneer.

9. Go to Goug again and the strange machine should be working now with the Zodiac Stone. Cloud will be summoned and he'll take off for now.

10. Fight your brother Dycedarg and then the monster he transforms into, Adramelk.

11. Go back to Zarghidas Trade City. Your goal will be to protect Cloud, who is unarmed, from the same gang that attacked Aeris. Cloud should join your party after this victory.

12. Go to the active volcano at Bervenia and keep walking back and forth until you get into a battle. In this battle, have someone with the Move Item Find skill. Have that person climb the highest rock tower in the battlefield. (Must possess a level 3 Jump or higher)You will receive the Materia Blade. This will allow you to use Cloud's Limit skill. And you'll be surprised to see that all of his limit breaks are from Final Fantasy VII. *Note: Cloud will not be able to use his Limit skills if you don't find his sword and equip it.

Duplicate Weapons
To do this you have to have two swords. You put the weapon you want to duplicate on the bottom hand and a shield on the upper hand. Go to a city and enter a shop. Pick fitting room and select the person who has the weapon you want to duplicate. Pick 'best fit' and then select 'quit fitting' on the bottom hand. This should duplicate the weapon and you have the weapon on both hands. But you still have to pay for the weapon. If you duplicate the Excalibur you would only have to pay 10 gil....

Here is how you can get the White materia:

1. Go to Dortor Trade City after finishing Chapter 1.

2. Defeat the hired thugs.

3. When you return to the map, select the city and go to the bar.

4. Choose 'Proposition', and one will mention the "Highwind".

5. Pay the amount needed for information, put 3 men into the group, select the maximum days allowed and select OK.

6. Return to Dortor Trade City after the selected amount of days and go to the bar.

7. Go to 'Report Job'. This will give you a report of what happened during the job.

8. If done right, they will say they found a large treasure chest. When they reply what is inside, you will see the White Materia.

The White Materia increases everyone's attributes except for HP and MP (and no, you cannot call on Holy). You do not need Aeris or Cloud in your group to do this.

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