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Cheat codes

Speed up Airship (Final Fantasy 2)
To make the Airship in Final Fantasy 2 fly faster, simply hit the O button about fifteen times. It will fly twice as fast. To alternate between fast and slow afterward, just push O once to switch.

Action-Cancel in Final Fantasy 2
A commonly used trick in Final Fantasy 2 is to perform an action, then cancel it during a battle. That makes leveling up weapon skills and magic spells very easy. For example, if you want to raise your weapon level, select Fight, select a target, then cancel the action and do it over and over again. Magic is done in a similar manner. Select Magic, then the spell, then the target, then cancel it. Depending on the monsters being fought, the amount of times you will have to do this varies, but it could be anywhere from fifty to a hundred times per level. Note that once you obtain a hundred skill points for your current spell/ weapon level you can no longer gain any more in that battle. Also changing the cursor settings to Memory might make levelling magic up easier.

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