Naruto Playstation cheats

level 80

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3rd Hokage - Beat 3rd Hokage (board 7)
Bandits - Lose at board 3, beat Haku and the Bandits (board 5)
Haku - Beat Haku and the Bandits (board 5)
Iruka - Beat Iruka and Kakashi (last board after board 7)
Kiri Ninjas - Lose at board 3, beat Kiri Ninjas and Sabusa (board 4)
Konohamaru (multiplayer mode) - Beat Sakura in story mode (board 2)
Konohamaru (story mode) - Beat the story mode without losing to Sasuke
Sabusa - Directly lose to Sasuke in the running competition, save & quit. Lose in the climbing competition, proceed to board 6 and beat it.
Tsunin - Lose at board 3, continue game and finish up to board 7, then beat Iruka followed by beating board 1

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