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How do you launch arcologies in SimCity 2000?
Even if your city has 120,000 people, you can’t use arcologies until you’ve invented them. Once you have invented arcologies, you still need a population of 120,000 to buy one.

Arcologies help a lot with increasing your city’s population. There are four kinds of arcologies:

Plymouth Arco
Available from the year 2000, it has a capacity of 55,000 (though every type of arcology can end up overcrowded). These are partially industrial; as a result they produce plenty of pollution and crime. They cost $100,000.

Forest Arco
Available from 2050 they are the opposite of the Plymouth arcos. They look better, are less polluting and produce less crime; as they only hold around 30,000 people. They are however more expensive. This type costs $120,000.

Available starting in the year 2100, this is a strange arcology. Rumors are that they produce mutants and have meandering, twisting hallways. Each arcology also sports a small fleet of jet aircraft. They have a capacity of 45,000 and cost $150,000.

Launch Arco
The best arcology - this type is the pride of any large city. They can support 60,000 people but can make crime and pollution rise very quickly. If you recklessly place these all over the place, you will cause a chemical spill. Make sure to surround Launch Arcos with plenty of police stations and parks which will help to curb their negative side-effects. One of the big features of Launch Arcos is their ability to “launch”. When you reach the critical threshold of 349 Launch Arcos, a popup will appear stating, “The Exodus has begun.” What follows is the immediate destruction of each arcology, one by one. This is a rather time consuming process, and you might want to go make a cup of tea during its progress. When complete, another popup will appear: “Your launch arcos have departed into space to found new worlds. You have been compensated for their construction.” Indeed you are compensated well, so don’t too feel bad when your city is completely and utterly ruined as a result. Launch Arcos cost $200,000.

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