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level 80
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Cheat codes

Control both characters in co op mode and more
To control both Lammy and Rammy in cooperative mode, beat the game in Lammy & Parappa mode. Then, on the player 2 select screen, you'll find you can set player 2 to be controlled by either player or the computer. To make the computer harder to beat in competetive mode, beat the computer on the stage you want to fight a tougher computer on. For example, beat the second stage to unlock new difficuty levels in stage 2. On the player 2 select screen, three new levels of difficulty are available.

Hidden Stages
Complete any two stages in the normal game. A new option will appear, letting you play 2-player Lammies. Complete the 1 player game and you will be able to play as Parappa. Complete 2 player Lammies and you will be able to play 2 player vs. Lammies. Complete 1 player Parappa and you will be able to play 2 player Lammy Parappa. Complete 2 player Lammy Parappa and you will be able to play 2 player vs. Lammy Parappa.

Special Menu
To achieve the special menu, you need to complete the game. This includes all the Lammy stages, the Parrappa stages and the versus stages in one player mode. If you complete all of these a new menu will appear on the title screen called special. This menu allows you to play all the stages music in Cool, Good, Bad or Awful while all the characters in the game dance on stage! You can control the characters dancing with the gamepad buttons. Note: if you complete all the stages but don't get the menu you'll need to finish level 7 with Lammy again.

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