Warcraft II: The Dark Saga Playstation cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Press the Start button during the game. Scroll down the menu to the enter password option. Press X and input one of the following codes. If done successfully you should hear the phrase Cheat enabled.

GLTTRNG - 100,000 gold, 5000 trees
VLDZ - 5,000 units of oil.
DCKMT - Upgrades everything to the best.
VRYLTTL - Gives you all the spells.
THRCNBNL - See the game's end.
NTTCLNS - Instant mission victory
YPTFLWRM - Instant mission loss
NSCRN - Show entire map
MKTS - Fast building
NVRWNNR - Game never ends
TSGDDYTD - God mode

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