Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Unlock First level of Prince of Persia in 3D
Start a new game. Stay on the balcony and hold L3 (left analog stick). Then, quickly input the following code X, Square, Triangle, O, Triangle, X, Square, O to unlock the original Prince of Persia's level in 3D!

Once the bonus Prince of Persia game is unlocked use the following codes at the password screen to jump to each level:-
KIEJSC - Level 2
DMKERC - Level 3
ACCVQC - Level 4
XRTLQC - Level 5
UHLCQC - Level 6
RXCTPC - Level 7
KBJOOC - Level 8
DFPJNC - Level 9
SWJJLC - Level 10
LAQEKC - Level 11
ZMBTOC - Level 12

Unlock the original Prince Of Persia
Around a third of the way into the game, you will receive a new sword. Continue on until you break a wall and the Prince says, It's said they built this palace on the ruins of another... Once you cross the next room, you will find a rotatable switch. Behind this switch is a breakable wall, although it doesn't appear to be one. Once you hit it three times, you will find another room and you will get a message informing you that Prince of Persia is now unlocked. You can also rotate that switch until it points to the new room and it will open a gate that allows you to play Prince of Persia right there without having to exit back to the Extra Features screen.

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