ATV Offroad Fury PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Enter Pro-Career mode and enter one of the codes below as a name. If successful you'll be sent back to the main menu.

CHACHING - All Bikes
WHATEXIT - All Tracks
ALLOUTAI - Harder Opponents

Harder Artificial Intelligence
Go to the Pro-career mode and input the name "ALLOUTAI". If done correctly you will be sent back to the main menu and the AI will be a lot harder to beat in all game modes.

Get All Tracks
Go to Pro career Mode and use the name WHATEXIT. Now you will go back to the main menu and can enter another name.

Get All Rides
Go to Pro career Mode and use the name CHACHING. Now you will go back to the main menu and can enter another name.

Motocross bikes
Beat the game 5 times with the 1000cc and then restart the game and all Motocross bikes will be there under Honda.

Yamaha Rapter Unvealed
To get the Yamaha rapter you must beat the pro career mode and get the 1000cc. Next you have to beat the pro career mode with the 1000cc. Then you must beat it with a different bike, it doesn't matter which one. You must beat it two times with that bike and you will get the Yamaha rapter.

Beat the computer every time
When playing the game press L1 ,L1 ,L1 .the computer will lose.

Infinite Tricks
Go to Fort Roberts and find the G.I. training ground. When you get there find the three stair-like bars in front of the X looking things. Get right in front of the small one and back up. Do a wheelie onto the small one. If you do it right your ATV will get caught on the middle log and and you can do as many tricks as you want, but be sure to keep your balance.

FLY Around Fort Roberts
First find the airport and look for the Helicopter (it will land in some rundown buildings around the airport). When it gets close to the ground pop a wheelie and hit the helicopter with your front tires. If you do it correctly the helicopter will pick you up and you will fly around with it until you hit reverse.

Quick Reset
If you wreck or go off the track, simply press L1 and R1 at the same time and you will reset very quickly. This is very useful if you are new to this game.

Yamaha 250cc Dirtbike
Beat the game once with the 1000cc, then beat it 2 more times with the Yamaha banshee. Restart the game and you will have the Yamaha 250 dirtbike.

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