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level 80
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Added Options
Once you have beaten all eighteen missions a couple of new options will be unlocked. Load your saved game (with all missions complete) then go to the main menu. The new options will be listed there. They are:

Special Continue - which allows you to play through missions with different aircraft
Free Mission - which allows you to play any mission
Trial Mission
Scene Viewer
Music Player

Special Continue
This allows you to start again from mission one with all aircraft, weaponry and money obtained previously.

Free mission mode
This allows you to play any mission from the game.

Trial mission mode
A new mode which let you play Score Attack or Time Attack mode.

New aircraft paint
On normal level and above, shoot down aircraft with that aircraft's pilot's name on it. On radar it will show up as red symbol and it is harder to shoot down. It should appear away from the main combat zone.

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