Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Increase Your Jubbling
From the main menu select options. Then, choose game settings followed by select other. From there you can increase the age of your characters.

Survival Cheat
Having trouble beating the Survival Mode? Try the following; first select survival mode from the main menu. Once the level has loaded and the fight has started press the eject button on your Playstation 2. The tray will slide out, but the fight will continue. Once you have KOed your opponent you can continue to beat him/her mercilessly. The Playstation 2 cannot load the next opponent because you have ejected the disc. Do your ariel attack (up + punch + kick). Every time you do this attack you will be rewarded with a bonus item. Continue to do this as long as you like. Once you have had enough of that particular opponent you can simply push the disc tray back in to the Playstation 2 and after about ten seconds the music will start again the next opponent will appear. You can repeat this trick as many times as you need to. Survival mode should be no problem now.

Survival Mode Technique
Notice the Playstation 2's tray is open with the disc still in it. Once you are done with that character you can push the tray back in to continue the survival mode.

Play as Bayman
Successfully complete the story mode with every character in the game on easy. You will be able to select Bayman on every mode of play except for Story Mode.

Full Credits
Complete the story mode with all of the characters with the game on Very Hard.

Change Helena's Hair Style
When you select Helena use the Circle button to have her fight with a long Ponytail. Or use the X button to select her and her Ponytail will be about a third shorter.

Change Kasumi's Hair Styles
When you select Kasumi use the Circle button to select her with a Braided Ponytail. Use the X button when you select her to have her fight in a loose Ponytail.

CG Gallery
To unlock the CG Gallery you must complete the team mode with five different characters.

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