Dead to Rights PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Enter the following codes at the New Game Screen. A message will appear when you correctly entered a code. Hold all the shoulder buttons when entering a code.

Code Effect
Up, Left, Down, Right, Circle - 10,000 Bullets Mode
Square twice, Circle, Circle, Right - All Disarms Open
Right, Square, Left, Circle, Triangle - All Enemies Disarmed
Square, Square, Square, Down, Right - All Headshot Kills
Triangle twice, Up, Up, Triangle - Can't Be Seen
Triangle, Circle, Up, Up, Up - Chow Yun Jack mode
Circle, Circle, Up, Up, Square - Double Melee Damage
Left, Right, Left, Circle, Square - Endless Adrenaline
Up, Up, Up, Square, Down - Endless Armor
Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Right - Endless Health
Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square - Endless Human Shield
Right, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square - Endless Shotgun Ammo
Triangle, Square, Left, Left, Circle - Enemies are More Accurate
Triangle, Square, Left, Left, Circle - Harder Boiled Mode
Down, Left, Down, Triangle, Down - Level Select
Down, Left, Down, Triangle, Down - Master Code
Triangle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Left - One Shot Deaths
Up, Up, Down, Down, Up - Precursor Mode
Down, Cicle, Left, Left, Left - Stronger Punches and Kicks
Square, Left, Triangle, Up, Down - Wussy Mode

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