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level 80
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Cheat codes

The cheats are activated within mission on the Start Menu. Hold L2, then type the one of the following codes.

Left D-Pad, Circle, R2, Right D-Pad, R1, Square - Ammo-A-Plenty (Unlimited Ammo)
Right, Square, R2, R1, Right, R2 - Aware Like A Fox (Max Alert Meter)
Square, Circle, Left D-Pad, Left D-Pad, Circle, Square - BulletProof Crypto (God Mode)
R1, R2, Circle, Right D-pad, R2, Circle - Deep Thinker (Unlimited Mind Power)
R1, R1, R2, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, R2, R1 - Mmmm Brains! (Increases DNA) (Must be entered on Mothership)
Square, Circle, Left, Left, Circle, Square (Same buttons for the "Bulletproof cheat but different effect) - More Upgrades (You must be on the Mothership)
R2, Right, R2, R1, Square, Right - Nobody Loves You (Resets Alert Meter)

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