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level 80
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Points Earned For Secret Missions
In addition to earning points for Time and enemies killed, you will earn bonus points for completing the game's secret missions (details of which are mentioned below). Point values for each mission are listed here:

Critical Hit: 200
Phantom Baby: 100
Phantom Baby 2: 100
The Three Beasts: 100
One-Eyed Evil: 200
Wandering Ghost: 200
Water Cell: 100
Treasure of the Reaper: 200
Stairway of Tranquility: 100
Shadow of Darkness: 200
Blue Gem in the Sky: 200
Hidden Bangle: 200

Points Needed For Rankings
S: 1000-1500
A: 800-999
B: 500-799
C: 0-499
D: -1 or below

Secret Mission Locations
Critical Hit (Mission 3) - Drop into the water near the broken bridge.
Phantom Baby (Mission 4) - Go back into the church where you battled the Phantom.
Phantom Baby 2 (Mission 4) - Defeat Phamtom Baby, then go to the God of Time room.
The Three Beasts (Mission 4) - Inside room under the biplane room.
One-Eyed Evil (Mission 5) - Go back to the room where you first saw Beelzebub.
Wandering Ghost (Mission 11) - Go back to the final room of Mission 10.
Water Cell (Mission 13) - Go to the captain's skeleton in his room.
Treasure of the Reaper (Mission 15) - Look at the skull in the room where you first got the Shield Emblem.
Stairway of Tranquility (Mission 16) - Beat Griffon, then go back to the colloseum.
Shadow of Darkness (Mission 16) - Beat Nightmare, then return to the biplane room again.
Blue Gem in the Sky (Mission 17) - Use Air Raid to cross the broken bridge.
Hidden Bangle (Mission 21) - Look at the wall in front of the God of Time statue.

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