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level 80
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Cheat codes

For each of the following codes, go to the options menu, then enter them at the code screen:

Get Every Bike - PIKARIDE
Dennis McCoy's Stats - DMCDMAN
Get Max Stats for Riders - MAXSTATS
Unlock Bobby Bones - BONEGUY
Unlock a Babe - BADGIRL
Unlock Angus Sigmund - SIGMAN
Unlock Bird Brains - FLYAWAY
Get Ramp Granny - OLDLADY
Get Oil Refinery level - OILSPILL
Get Train Depot level - CHOOCHOO
Get Museum District level - ARTRIDER
Museum District Competition - ARTCOMP
Get Fuzzy's Yard level - FUZYDIRT
Get Mount Magma level - VOLCANO
Get Gravity Games Street level - PAVEMENT
Get Gravity Games Vert level - GGFLYER
Unlock Leigh Ramsdell's FMV sequence - LEIFMV
Unlock Mat Berringer's FMV sequence - MATFMV
Unlock Dirt Level - MUDPUDLE
Unlock Andre Ellison's FMV sequence - ANDFMV
Unlock Dennis McCoy's FMV sequence - DMCFMV
Unlock Jamie Bestwick's FMV sequence - JAMFMV
Unlock Reuel Erikson's FMV sequence - REUFMV
Unlock Fuzzy Hall's FMV sequence - FUZFMV

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