Guitar Hero II PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

When you are at the title menu enter one of the following codes.

Code - Effect
Y, Y, B, O, Y, B - Air Guitar
B, O, Y, O, Y, O, B - Crowd has Eyeball Heads
O, B, Y, Y, O, B, Y, Y - Crowd has Monkey Heads
O, Y, O, O, Y, O, Y, Y - Flaming Head
B, O, O, B, O, O, B, O, O, B - Horse Head
O, B, O, Y, O, B, O, Y - Hyper Speed Activate/Deactivate
Y, Y, B, Y, Y, O, Y, Y - Performance mode (Guitar God Mode?)
B, Y, O, R, O, Y, R, Y, R, Y, R, Y, R, Y - Unlock All (NTSC Version)

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