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level 80
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Beat the Whomping Willow
When the Whomping Willow pounds the ground, hide in the corner where you entered the lair. When it stops pounding, lock on to the limbs and hit them quickly. Then lock onto the Willow's eye and blast it until your attacks stop damaging it. Watch for Hedwig dropping Cauldron Cakes and Beans to help you out. That should help you beat the Whomping Willow.

Aragog the Spider
Another tough boss is Aragog the Spider. Don't attack Aragog right away, first use Incendio to burn the web. Once you've burned enough webbing, Aragog will drop into the pit. In the pit, you can only hurt Aragog's soft belly. Dodge attacks and run around until it rears up - then blast it with second level spells. Use quick shots, don't stand still long enough to charge up. Hedwig drops sacks of power ups to help you. Use Flipendo to knock them out of the webbing so you can grab them. If that doesn't work, try using a giant can of bug spray!

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