Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland PS2 cheats

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Cheat codes

Note: You can cook food after you buy a kitchen.

Blue Berry Jam: Blue Berry (3x) and Pot
Boiled Egg: Egg and Pot
Cake: Egg, Milk, Breadfruit and Oven
Cheese: L Milk and Pot
Cooked Fish: Potato (or Herb), Fish and Pan
Cranberry Jam: Cranberry (3x) and Pot
Cream of Corn Soup: Milk, Corn and Pot
Cream of Mushroom Soup: Milk, Mushroom and Pot
Cream of Tomato Soup: Milk, Tomato and Pot
Creamy Soup: Potato, Milk and Pot
Flan: Egg, Milk and Oven
Fruit Cake: Breadfruit, Milk, any fruit and Oven
Fruit Omlette: Egg, any fruit and Pan
Hot Milk: S Milk and Pot
Mixed Jam: Very Berry, Cran Berry, Blue Berry and Pot
Mixed Omlette: Egg, any vegetable and Pan
Omlette: Egg, Milk and Pan
Special Cheese: G Milk and Pot
Sunny-Side Up: Egg and Pan
Very Berry Jam: Very Berry (3x) and Pot
Yogurt: M Milk and Pot

Birthday List
It's important to give townspeople greetings and gifts on their birthday, to get in their good graces. Here's a list of all of the birthdays in town:

Ronald the Supermarket Owner: Spring 11
Wallace the Cafe Owner: Summer 1
Katie the Cafe Waitress: Fall 29
Louis the Tool Shop Owner: Fall 2
Lyla the Flower Shop Owner (and cutest girl in town): Spring 27
Parsley the Plant Hunter: Spring 16
Bob, owner of Brownie Farm: Summer 1
Tim, Bob's little brother (the treasure hunter): Fall 12
Gwen, the Carpenter's daughter: Summer 8
Martha the Clove Villa Maid: Winter 25
Gina, the Maid's daughter: Fall 20
Dia, Clove Villa daughter: Winter 9
Woody the Carpentry Shop Owner: Winter 2
Joe the Carpenter: Summer 10
Kurt the Carpenter: Winter 10

How to Get the Dog
When you begin the game, you'll notice several stray dogs wandering around. If you approach them, they'll run away. To woo a dog to your yard, keep putting food in his bowl. Anything will do: grass, eggs, berries. When you place these foods in the bowl, they immediately turn into doggie mush. After a while, you will notice the dog appearing at your farm more and more. Keep trying to pick up the dog (X). At some point, he will let you pick him up, and he will be yours!

To get the horse, you'll have to visit Bob's farm quite a bit. Do part-time work taking care of his horses and cows and give him lots of presents. Eventually, after a solid chunk of work (a season or more), he'll bring a horse to you.

How to Train Your Dog
Once you get a dog to stay on your farm, you'll have to train him. To do so, use the following button presses in order to get him to do what you wish:

Drive animals: RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
Sit up: DOWN, UP, UP

Power Berry Locations
To get the Power Berries scattered around the land, look in these places:

In your pasture
Visit the Harvest Goddess
Visit the Harvest Sprites
Go fishing
Trigger the "Sacred Land" event

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