James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Golden gun
Successfully complete the Trouble In Paradise level with a "Gold" rank. This cheat unlocks the Golden P2K. With this gun, you receive a silencer which the normal P2K does not have. To do this easily, get as much accuracy as you can, take as few hits as you can, and do all the Bond moves (shooting barrels to explode, shooting vital enemy characters and finding secret areas).

Golden gun in multi-player mode
Successfully complete the Precious Cargo level with a "Platinum" rank and all 007 icons.

Golden CH-6
Successfully complete the Precious Cargo level with a "Gold" rank. When used, this cheat gives you unlimited rockets.

To do this easily, aim carefully and shoot the men out of the helicopters to get the gold medal. Also shoot the gasoline tanks at the roadblocks and shoot the gas station's pumps.

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